5 Favorite iPhone Tips Part 1

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I admit it.  I’m an iPhone fan.  And for someone who likes to stand back and assess how good something is before they really get caught up in it, I have to admit it was pretty much love at first use.

Now, I’m not a techie, but I will research how to do things better.  So I browsed through countless tips online about using the iPhone and tried them, assessing the usefulness of each.  These are not apps, these are simply useful tricks for the iPhone.  They had to be easy, and useful in an everyday way for me.  I’m assuming you can go to other sites to figure out things like syncing your iPhone and downloading music.  These tips are all for the iPhone 4.

You notice I called this Part 1? It was hard to choose my top 5, and I know even more will arise.  So let’s just plan for the unknown, shall we?

Here are my favorite gems:

1. When texting, just hit the space bar twice to get a period.  This saves you from having to hit the .?123 button to insert a period.

2. When texting, shake to undo typing (you’ll get a popup screen: undo typing?).

3. When viewing a webpage, instead of scrolling to the top, tap the status bar at the top of the screen (where the battery icon is), and you will go to the top of the webpage.

4. I like knowing exactly how much battery life I have left, and the battery bar is a little vague for me.  Go to Settings > General > Usage and turn battery indicator to ‘on’.  Now a percentage shows up with the battery indicator.

5. If you want to move icons around, press and hold one icon until they start jiggling, then you can drag them where you want them (hit the home button once you have them where you want them).  Yes, I know this is basic, but this is useful for 4 other uses: 1. you can change the icons in your dock at the bottom of the screen. 2. you can pull an item out of, say, the utilities folder.  For example, I like my calculator on the main screen, instead of tapping the utilities folder to access it.  3. you can create a folder by  dragging one icon on top of another, and 4. you can drag an icon to a different screen by pulling it to the edge of the screen and holding it.

And by the way, one more tip that I’m going to squeeze in here is that when you have the calculator pulled up, if you turn it to the side you have a scientific calculator… that’s fun for all us science and math geeks.

There you have it, my 5 favorite iPhone tips.  They make my life easier… and more fun.

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