The Fastest Way to Fold a Shirt

I didn’t set out to find the fastest way to fold a shirt, but when I first saw this method, I laughed – it looked crazy. The method was posted around the web as a 2 second way to fold a shirt (most videos showed it taking longer than 2 seconds). So, in true TipBusters fashion, and for the sake of a laugh, I decided to time it, as well as other common ways to fold a shirt. How did it fare?

Method 1 (shown in video): It looks like origami, but it’s easy and unbelievably neat: 3.5 seconds (and looks great)

Method 2: Hold up the shirt, tuck the shoulders in and fold in half: 3.75 seconds (but messy)

Method 3: Lay the shirt down upside down, tuck the shoulders in and fold in half: 5 seconds (and neat)

Method 4: Fold the shirt in half and fold over: 3.75 seconds (but bulky and it just doesn’t look as nice)

Laugh if you will, but this is definitely the fastest way I’ve come across to fold a shirt. The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon has nothing on this with his shirt folding contraption (the Flip Fold)

With all the seconds you save doing laundry, it won’t be long before you’ll have saved enough time to relax with a bag of popcorn.

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