Onion Cubes – Fast and Easy!

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The best tips are fast, easy, and effective. This one is all of that. No more fussy eaters taking the onions out of food, no more tears every time you add onions to food, and speedy meals. Here it is:

Required: onions, ice cube trays (with lids so that you can both stack them in the freezer and avoid any smell, such as these) (pick up a few for this use – don’t use your trays that you use for actual ice cubes).

Peel a few onions at once, chop them into quarters, and process them in the food processor. Yes, until they are absolutely mush. Go crazy with the blending. Spoon the mush into ice cube trays. Freeze. When they are frozen, empty all the cubes into a freezer bag.

Whenever you cook a meal that needs onions, thaw a couple of cubes and toss them into the pot. Who says you need pieces of onion? And you use less this way, since tons of flavour is released with the processing. You too will start marking on your recipes how many cubes you need in each recipe. You get the flavour, you only have to have a good cry while you chop them once every month or so, and meals are quicker and less messy.

Easy peasy and fun!

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  • I’ve heard that the fresh “bite” from the onions is a chemical reaction that is good for your health. I wear my ski goggles when I chop onions. No more tears!

  • I have a zip lock bag full of celery wrapped in a paper towel in the frig as we speak. Shall let you know how effective the “hint” turns out to be.

  • I use the celery one and it is awesome. My celery is still crisp well after 4 weeks.

  • I’m going to use your tip on celery storage, and I assume it will work. Thanks.


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