Play Your iPod on Your Old Stereo

Play Your iPod on Your Old Stereo post image

We like simple. And this solution is beautiful in its simplicity. Despite what the electronics stores might have you think, you don’t need a new stereo with an iPod dock to play your iPod. You don’t even need an auxiliary port on the front. Look on the back of your stereo. If you have a red auxiliary connection and a white auxiliary connection, just get this cable. The red and white plugs go in to the back of your stereo, and the other end plugs in to your iPod (or iPhone). Switch your stereo setting to “auxiliary” and play your music. Keep the electronics out of the landfill, don’t worry about shopping and enjoy your stereo. We like this Mediabridge cable because it gets great reviews, and its tapered tip accommodates iPhone cases, so you don’t need to remove the case.

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  • The output from my old amp is 5-pin DIN. How would I be able to play my iPod through this?

    From what you have outlined, would I be right in thinking that I need a 5-pin DIN to R/W aux and then a 5-pin DIN to headphone jack cable?


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