Air Hockey Table Won’t Work? Try a New Puck

Air Hockey Table Won’t Work? Try a New Puck post image

If your air hockey pucks won’t float, but your fan is working, it may not be the table. Before you start repairs, here’s the first thing you should try:

Buy a new puck.

It turns out old banged up pucks don’t float. Sometimes the pucks that come with an air hockey table will stop working after a short period of time. They’re kind of like the starter ink in a printer – they’re not meant for long term use.

Check out the video above. Old vs. New.

TipBusters discovered this after Googling the problem and trying all the recommended solutions, such as:

1. Vacuuming the table
2. Poking a needle in each hole
3. Taking the table apart and examining the basic fan and motor (yup it’s a fan, and yup, it’s blowing)
4. Oiling/polishing the table
5. Sanding the edges of the pucks
6. Cursing the table, and giving it away at a garage sale with a sign on it: Free (doesn’t work)

Okay, we didn’t do #6. We happened to stroll past pucks in the store one day, and thought, why not. Then we tested it on a couple air hockey tables that were written off. Problem solved.

Seriously, drop by a store and get some pucks. Can’t find any? You can always buy new pucks on Amazon. These are the pucks from the video. It just may “fix” your broken table.

Let us know if it worked for you!

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  • Can you fix or replace a crack on your air hockey table?

  • new pucks! and or sanding chipped pucks!
    Jigaloo! silicone spray the surface and pucks and ours is faster than it was new!

  • It makes sense because the pucks probably get small chips and dents in them that make it harder for the air to lift them properly. I never considered it before reading this though. The good thing is that pucks are a lot cheaper than a new air hockey table! lol

  • I’m having the issue, but it is only doing it in between the blue lines (center). I just got the table for less than 100 (used). there appeared to be a spill on one side of the center area, but have tried clearing it with no luck on that side… any other ideas I can try?
    I was not sure about replacing the fans just because of the cost of the fans, and that may not be the problem. What type of dame could accure if I take the table top apart?
    Any recommendations/help is greatly appreciated!
    Make: DMI Goal Flex
    Model: HT510

  • Yay! Thanks so much for the info.. Just bought a used table and was having major buyers remorse! Pucks were not gliding at all! Tried a new puck and it now works perfect! Thanks!!

  • Hey thanks. I was Googling the same problem myself. I’m a big air hockey fan but have noticed a lot of the cheaper tables seem to lose their ‘float’ after awhile. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. I will have to try this tip on a couple of my older ones. Thanks again!

    • Hi Peter, thanks for commenting, and stop back by to let us know if it worked!


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